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 If you prefer to DIY or don’t have time to meet with our team in person, we’ll work with you virtually to help you organize, simplify, manage or move. Book your virtual solution now. Only $165

What’s included:

● Expert organizing strategies and advice
● Product recommendation to support your needs
● Tips to maximize your space and minimize your dollar

Everything from assessing your specific needs to creating customized To Do lists, shopping lists and step-by-step instructions — whatever your needs, we’ve got your solution. so you can execute the work on your own. (approx. 1 hour phone plus 1 hour drafting a plan)


Are you growing a small business? Work from home? — Clutter and misplaced items cause delays, miscommunication and lost productivity. With our practical office tidy-up advice and hands-on organizing services, your business will be more efficient and profitable.


Embarking on a journey toward organizational bliss starts with the a consultation. After, you're paired with a dedicated organizer(s) for a minimum four-hour session. Our service is tailor-made for those looking to tackle specific areas of their home or office, such as a cluttered pantry or a disorganized desk area. With a focus on personalization, the organizer(s) assesses your space and works with you to create a system that not only clears the clutter but also integrates seamlessly into your daily routine.

Whether you're struggling to find your work essentials or your pantry items seem to disappear into the abyss, this service promises to streamline your space, making every day more productive and enjoyable. Let's reclaim your space and joy; book your free consultation today and get ready to transform your area into a haven of efficiency and happiness. Our service starts at $75 per hour per organizer with a four hour minimum.


The Garage and basement area take a little more creativity and typically have more items to find a home for. These services are $90 per hour per organizer. Also please note: we do not have our organizers work in basements or garages when the weather is under 50 or over 90. We most appreciate your understanding.


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